Takecarebnb connects refugees and host families

Takecarebnb  connects refugees with Dutch families that are willing to open up their homes for three months.Refugees have a residence permit, they have been granted refugee status by the Dutch government and are allowed to stay in the Netherlands. They remain in an Asylum Seekers’ Centre until they have been given permanent accommodation. Right now there are thousands of refugees waiting for a house.

Since we started in 2015 until June 2018 we have placed 155 refugees.

Takecarebnb believes that:

  • coming into contact with each other creates mutual understanding and removes fears
  • Temporary staying in a Dutch household helps the process of integration
  • Contacts may turn into friendships and continue after the hosting arrangements have ended, having positive effects on the guest and host.


The volunteers of Takecarebnb connects guests (refugees with a residence permit) and host families through a careful  matching process.

  • Interested guest and hosts complete the registration form
  • We arrange an introductory meeting with one of our voluntary volunteer matchmakers
  • Guest and hosts are matched with each other based on their profiles and a careful matching process
  • We arrange a meeting in the house of the host family accompanied by a matchmaker
  • If the meeting goes well for both the host and guest, a try-out weekend is arranged to decide if the match is viable
  • After the try-out weekend both parties will have some days to reflect on the experience before making a decision whether to go ahead with the arrangement.
  • If both the guest and the host family make a positive decision, the guest will need to apply to COA for the temporary stay arrangement (logeerregeling)
  • The temporary stay agreement between the host and the guest is for a maximum period of three months. If the guest is given permanent accommodation by COA before the end of this period, the temporary stay arrangement is completed earlier. It is also possible to extend the period of stay with the host family if both parties agree, or with a new host.
  • Host and guest can also decide to lengthen the stay if permanent accommodation is delayed.
  • During the entire hosting period, Takecarebnb will stay in touch with both the guest and the host family to provide ongoing support.


People who cannot live in safety in their own country and are forced to leave their homes can apply for asylum in the Netherlands. Upon arrival to the country, all asylum seekers  are temporarily accommodated in Asylum Seekers’ Centres, spread throughout the country, to wait for a decision on their status and residence permit. The waiting period can be long and during that time refugees often feel isolated from Dutch society with no real opportunities to start the process of integration.

Many people from the host society want to help the refugees. For instance, by providing a temporary home to a refugee waiting in the Asylum Seekers’ Centre for permanent accommodation. COA (the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers) offers a temporary stay arrangement with Dutch families who would like to host a refugee with residence permit. Takecarebnb can find a suitable match between refugees and host families. It has an important role in the integration process of refugees and offers the host families the life-enriching and valuable opportunity to help the process.


Takecarebnb is a voluntary organisation supported by an enthusiastic team of professionals. Everyone at Takecarebnb contributes to the integration of refugees into the Dutch society.

Our volunteer ‘matchmakers’ work to ensure a good match between host family and refugee. There are also volunteers who support the matching process in practical terms and contribute to the communication work of Takecarebnb.

Takecarebnb is a non-profit and public benefit organisation with the Board and management team. The management is responsible for developing and implementing of the organisation’s policy, fundraising, financial management and internal and external communication, as well as managing the volunteers. The Board has the ultimate responsibility and ensures the integrity of management.

Takecarebnb is a Public Benefit Organization with a board and a management. The management guides the volunteer organization and is responsible for the development and execution of the policy, fundraising, financial management and the internal and external communication. The board is responsible but also supervises and safeguards that the management acts honest and in the interest of the Foundation.

The Takecarebnb-team consists of:

Berend Jonker, director

Mavis Appiagyei, coordinator

Mandy Fit, communications

The board of Takecarebnb consists of:

Prof. Dr . Ruth Oldenziel, chairman

Huib van Herrewegen, treasurer

Joep Verhoeven, member

Lumine van Uden, member


Takecarebnb was founded in 2015 by Reinout de Kraker. While staying at an Airbnb by himself, he read about the resistance among part of the population against the influx of refugees. His idea was simple: if refugees stay over with Dutch people, both parties learn to know one another. Strangers will become well-known people. He enthused an entire group of volunteers.

In 2017 Takecarebnb said goodbye to the pioneers and organizers from the very beginning: Maya Crcic and Jonna Kleinsma. With a lot of enthusiasm they have built up Takecarebnb from a good idea to a successful start-up. In 2017 we entered a new phase: from a start-up to anchoring. With an enthusiastic team, a new manager and employees and an ever increasing circle of volunteers we are building a stable organization. Due to intensive consultations with both the Dutch Council for Refugees and COA we managed to convince the authorities of the importance of staying over for integration. The phase of emergency relief is over, yet thousands of refugees with residential permits wait in Asylum Seekers’ Centres for a house in the municipality that has been assigned to them. Waiting lists are still in place and will probably stay in place for some time to come given the scarcity at the housing market.

In 2018 has started to collaborate with COA to link up more host families to refugees in their future residences. This collaboration is a recognition of both the usefulness and necessity of our organization.


Together we are stronger. That is why we closely work together with other organizations.

NewBees  links refugees that want to gather work experience as a volunteer as long as they stay in an Asylum Seekers’ Centre to matching companies.

Refugee Company gets newcomers in touch with Dutch companies and supports them in creating their own companies. This happens in various projects that offers refugees work experience, especially in the creative sector.

DELITELABS is a non-profit start-up school that provides refugees, recent migrants and locals with a seven weeks training in entrepreneurial skills. During this intensive programme participants works on their entrepreneurial skills and explore the possibilities of starting their own enterprise.

Blendin is an online platform that brings refugees and new citizens together with local citizens. The goal is to create less distance between these parties.

Centraal Orgaan Opvang Asielzoekers (COA) refugees have the right to receive shelter from the moment they apply for asylum till they get their residence permit or have to leave The Netherlands.

The COA receives them in the refugee center, offers basic facilities and guides them to their future in The Netherlands or a different country.

Since 1st of March 2018, Takecarebnb and COA work together in context of the legal agreement on staying over (“logeerregeling”).

VluchtelingenWerk Nederland  defends the interests of refugees in The Netherlands, from the moment of arrival to the integration in Dutch society. VluchtenlingenWerk Nederland supports Takecarebnb with advice and lobby.

Makers Unite connects people to create inclusive and shared communities. Both newcomers and locals design and make sustainable and meaningful products.  In the project Re-vestlife life jackets that were found on Greek beaches will be recycled into new products. Makers Unite stimulates social inclusion and the development of individual talent.


Together we are stronger. Therefore we thank the organizations below for their support as sponsors.

Kansfonds helps people to look after the most vulnerable in society, in order to prevent that anyone will be excluded.  They support promising initiatives that aid vulnerable people to get out of their situation.

Oranjefonds national fund that supports social projects. For everyone who wants to contribute to social connections in  The Netherlands and the Caribean part of the kingdom.

Stichting DOEN supports pioneers who work for a more green, social and creative society.

Fundatie van de Santheuvel Sobbe  a fund that hands out grants to social projects.

Stichting Dioraphte supports people that live in relative poverty or relative isolation. Keywords in The Netherlands human dignity and independence especially for elderly people or handicapped people. Moreover, it is about reception, education, guidance, health care and employment for vulnerable groups.

Addessium Foundation strives for a society that stimulates people to live in harmony both with one another and their environment. We work towards a balanced society characterized by integrity, balance between man and nature and compassion.

WIJDOENMEE.NU supports small scale private and creative initiatives by and aimed at refugees, undocumented refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants with a residential permit in The Netherlands.

Takecarebnb is a Public Benefit Organization. Donors of a Public Benefit Organization may deduct their gifts from either their income tax or their corporate tax. Help us with your donation.

Annual Report 2016

The Takecarebnb Annual Report 2016 is available! In pride we look back at a turbulent year where we have made giant steps forward. All our milestones and highlights are listed in Jaarverslag 2016.

It is also possible to check the annual account Jaarrekening 2016 in order to get a good picture of the financial year.