Judith, John, their three children and guest Amran on the couch

Lots of people think in differences, Amran thinks in similarities

Text by Lilly Wiggers. Foto © Maaike Poels. Amran (19) fled from Yemen eight years ago. He travelled through Malaysia and Spain, eventually coming to The Netherlands. He is currently studying in Tilburg and has been living with Judith, John and their children in Dordrecht for two months. A Hospitable Home “When we bought this

“Staying with Bert in Eindhoven changed my life”

Hussam from Syria: Before I stayed with Bert, I was living in the azc in Drachten. I was living in the middle of the forest, far away from Eindhoven where I eventually got my house. Staying with Bert in Eindhoven changed my life. He encouraged me to start learning Dutch and start my life. He introduced me

Emergency accommodation for refugees

Are you a refugee with a status (you are able to work and live in The Netherlands) and are you looking for an urgent place to stay outside the refugee camps (azc)? Takecarebnb offers the opportunity to temporarily stay with a host family. Due to the extremely busy azc’s at the moment and the horrendous

Ministries of Justice and Security and Social Affairs

Visit Ministries of Justice and Security and Social Affairs

On August 20th, employees of the Ministries of Social Affairs and Justice and Security were on a work visit at Takecarebnb. They were particularly interested in the experiences of host parents and matchmakers Kasper and Eveline and their guest Lya. It was an opportunity to tell the ministries more about Takecarebnb’s work. The Ministry of

Two hands, one that is Ali's and one that is Robert's write on a piece of paper.

Close to home

In ‘Close to home’ Yemeni refugee Ali and host Robert share their experiences living together. There will be weekly posts about the ups and downs, difficulties, highlights and surprises. This week they introduce themselves and describe their first meeting. *not his real name. Robert is many things, dad, dog-lover, Director of Takecarebnb, an organisation that

Spotlight: Ruth hosted more than 10 refugees

Photography © Bart van Overbeeke. A homosexual hotel manager from Malaysia, a Christian low-voltage engineer with the metro from Iran, an Ebola analyst from Uganda; look, three individuals who fled their home countries and came into contact with host mom Ruth Oldenziel. She is chair of the Takecarebnb foundation and is happy to tell Cursor how

Cover van het jaarverslag 2020

Annual Report 2020

2020 was Takecarebnb’s t first lustrum. It was wonderful that despite corona our matchmakers and host families were willing to make connections with new fellow countrymen, even in difficult times. Curious about what else has happened in the past year? Read the 2020 annual report here (in Dutch).  

Tamim en Rahaf with Daffee

Love at first date

Young, highly educated and bursting with plans and ambitions: Tamim Kbarh and Rahaf al Lymoni have been in the Netherlands for just a year and a half and can already call themselves the proud inventors and entrepreneurs behind Daffee (First Date). That’s a new hot drink that was officially launched in September 2020. They have