Bull’s eye despite corona

Nasma started staying with Leonoor at the beginning of March. No one could have imagined that they would then have to spend months in lockdown as young roommates. How did they experience this?

Nasma  During the lockdown it actually happened very naturally. I’m happy that I was with Leonoor and not on my own. We played a lot of games and puzzles together. Leonoor, for example, taught me how to play rummikub, really nice. Leonoor has become a good friend of mine in a short time. We feel good about each other and we are also very similar. The strength of our friendship is that we respect each other’s need for space and privacy. I couldn’t have wished for a better housemate in this period. Now we still see each other, but it is less intensive. We still often eat together and also meet outside the home. Leonoor is back at work a lot and so am I. I do voluntary work at the animal shelter and also at the Warm Welcome Foundation in Amsterdam Noord. 

Leonoor  Nasma and I became very good friends in a short time. It is nice to see what is happening. I have a habit of saving plants from the street and bringing them back to life at home. As a resultNasma has also acquired a green thumb and now regularly comes home with all kinds of branches.  Of course it was hard to swallow when we heard that we would be in lockdown for the entire stay. Luckily, she has a friend living nearby and I was able to visit my sister every now and then. By looking up space alone in time, things went very well. I’m really lucky because I can’t cook and Nasma ian amazing cook. I’ve tasted delicious new things! I have two cats and they start running when Nasma comes home. She discovered that I always say the same things to them and she is now taking over, so funny! So she just speaks Dutch to my cats! And what also helps is that she is addicted to the series I play in (Dertigers). She can already follow that perfectly. 

The image was chosen from a stock photo database to ensure the privacy of the ladies. 

Lilly WiggersBull’s eye despite corona

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