“Staying with Bert in Eindhoven changed my life”

Hussam from Syria: Before I stayed with Bert, I was living in the azc in Drachten. I was living in the middle of the forest, far away from Eindhoven where I eventually got my house. Staying with Bert in Eindhoven changed my life. He encouraged me to start learning Dutch and start my life. He introduced me to his community and Dutch people. In short, he helped me put my feet on the ground. 

We would take weekly trips to discover Eindhoven by bike, and Bert showed me lots of different places. I was able to learn more about Eindhoven, for example where the second-hand stores were. It was amazing to be introduced to the city before I moved there. 

Without Bert, I would not have started studying in Eindhoven. In September I started my HBO in electrical engineering. Bert taught me the difference between HBO and university, and helped me choose HBO as the better option for me. He also helped me practice English for my English placement exam. Soon, I’ll also start my Dutch course. 

In September I also got the keys to my new house. After spending some time painting and preparing the house, I moved out of Bert’s house last week and into the new house. I am so happy to be here. And, in case you were wondering, of course Bert and I have stayed in contact!

Jet Krantz“Staying with Bert in Eindhoven changed my life”