Together we are stronger. That’s why we work closely with other organizations.


DELITELABS is een non-profit start-up school die vluchtelingen, recente migranten en locals een ondernemerschapstraining van zeven weken. Tijdens dit intensieve programma werken deelnemers aan hun ondernemer skills en onderzoeken zij de mogelijkheden van het starten van een eigen onderneming.

Gastgezin voor een vluchteling

Gastgezin voor een vluchteling (Host family for a refugee) focuses on organizing various activities in which Dutch and refugees can meet. Want to do more or do you first want to come into contact with refugees before you are providing your home, visit their website and the Facebook page and sign up.

Hack Your Future

Hack Your Future offers refugees an education programm to programmer, and with this finds a solution for the need for more ICT-professionals. During the 6 months programm the students are trained as web developers, i.c.w. professional programmers. They are also trained in fields as project management, independent working, and there is time scheduled for the work culture and  manors on the Dutch labor market.

Makers Unite (Re-vestlife)

Makers Unite connects people to co-create inclusive and shared communities. With locals and newcomers we design meaningful sustainable products re-using life vests collected on Greek shores under Re-vestlife.

New Bees

NewBees connects refugees living in asylum centers who want work experience to companies that are offering these possibilities.

Refugee Company

Refugee Company connect refugees with Dutch companies and helps them with setting up their own company.
Mostly active in the creative sector.

Refugee Start Force

Refugee Start Force is an online platform that gives refugees a shortcut into the Dutch society. Through our community we match refugees with local professionals, organizations and companies in the region based on professions, skill sets and expertises.

Vluchtelingen Welkom

Vluchtelingen Welkom (Welcome Refugees) is dedicated especially for the matching of refugees and host families who want to live a long time together: from 3 months to a year, or around until there’s a home for the refugees. They do this by using GVA scheme.

In the Netherlands, many more organizations and initiatives are active to help refugees.
We have compiled a number of these initiatives here.

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