For guests (refugees)

Are you a refugee with a valid residential permit? Are you waiting in asylum seekers’ centre for your own house and would you like to temporarily stay over at a Dutch host family? We would like to help you. We are convinced that staying over with a host family helps you to get to know Dutch society, the language and its culture better and to build a Dutch network. During your stay you will use the sleeping-over regulations of the government body that is responsible for the reception of asylum seekers: COA. Using the COA regulations does not affect your spot on the waiting list for your own house. Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Have you made up your mind? Sign up below!


More information

You can apply if you:

  • Have a valid residence permit
  • Are 18 years old or older
  • Speak English or  some Dutch.
  • And of course if you think that it would be enjoyable and useful to stay with a Dutch host family for some time.

Once you have  applied to Takecarebnb we will provide a so-called ‘matchmaker’. This is how we call our volunteers whose task is to find the most suitable match between a host and a guest. Your matchmaker will get in touch and invite you for an introductory meeting to look jointly at your application and get a good understanding of your personal situation, your preferences and expectations.

Based on your answers we will draw up a profile and start looking for a suitable host. Once a suitable match has been identified, the matchmaker will arrange a meeting. If this meeting works out well and there is a  ‘click’ between you and the prospective host, an appointment will be made for a try-out weekend. If this also works out well for both parties a temporary stay arrangement can be put in place.

This regulation refers to a three-month period of stay with a host family. All the rules and conditions can be found on the  website of COA.

The staying over regulation describes the three month period at a different address with a host family. All the rules and conditions can be found on the  website of COA.

Yes, you should continue with stamping and can do that  at the Asylum Seekers’ Centre that is nearest to your host family.

Yes, this is possible. You can make arrangements for this with your host family.

In such a situation the matchmaker will look for another suitable host family. It is also possible to return to the Asylum Seekers’ Centre.

COA stay over regulation allows you to keep your weekly financial allowance. In addition you will receive 25 euros per week.

You need to make arrangements about this with your host family before you go to stay with them.

Yes, that is allowed and rules are the same as for Dutch citizens. Any earnings income should be reported to COA. The earnings will be deducted from the COA allowance.

Yes, you can travel and the rules are the same regardless of whether you live in an Asylum Seekers’ Centre or with a host family. You must be available to report to COA within one day, for example to accept a house. As this normally takes place on weekdays you will need to make sure that if you travel on a weekday you are able to return within a day.

Support on confidential issues

When you are dealing with undesirable behavior, for example, aggression, violence, sexual intimidation or harassment, you can contact our independent, confidential counselor Sylvia Verhulst. Issues you can’t solve alone, such as an issue with your matchmaker or other person involved, you might want to discuss with this confidential counselor. She listens, advises and supports you, where needed. And only with your consent she shares information with others. You can reach her at

Keep in mind, she is not the person to consult when you have questions about your position on the waiting list. For this, or remarks or complaints regarding our processes or communication, please contact

Useful links

There are a lot of organisations and initiatives that help refugees in the Netherlands. We have listed a few:

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